Regional Specialty Regulations

Basic Regional Requirements for Club Seeking Approval

The BMDCA will only consider proposals from those clubs that have met the following basic requirements.

1. Must have hosted, at a minimum, one National Specialty in last 10 years.

A. Those clubs that have hosted only one national will only be considered to stage a regional as part of an established combined specialty club or group club.
B. Those clubs that have hosted at least one National and at least one regional will additionally be considered to stage a regional as an independent event.

2. Host club must commit, at a minimum, $1000.00 of seed money to the regional.

3. Host club must have date and location set.

A. The following are only basic requirements. Since population density and specialty availability varies with each area of the country each proposal should be considered on an individual basis in regards to those factors. First, the proximity of time and distance of a proposed regional to a local or national specialty should be weighed. Secondly, a determination should be made regarding what, if any, effect the regional might have on any other specialty events offered in that area.
1. Date and location in regards to the BMDCA National Specialty.
a. The date cannot be 30 days before nor 30 days after a BMDCA National Specialty. The location cannot be within 300 road miles of that year's BMDCA National Specialty. If the location of the regional is within 300 road miles of the national the date of the regional must not fall within 60 days before nor 60 days after the National Specialty.
2. Date and location in regards to AKC licensed local specialty clubs' independent specialties.
a. The BMDCA will not approve any regional specialty whose location falls within 350 road miles of the site of an AKC licensed local clubs' specialty. The local specialty club will hold exclusive rights within that area for holding local and regional specialties, on that same weekend.
b. At their discretion a local specialty club may waive that right and permit another BMD club to hold a BMDCA regional specialty in their exclusive rights area. In that case the proposal must include a letter from the local specialty club stating they are waiving their rights and for what time period.

Contents of Proposal to Host Regional Specialty

1. A detailed, organized, and viable proposal that includes, at a minimum the following:
A. Detailed statement of why club wants to host a regional.
B. Details of location and venue.
C. Formulated budget estimating all anticipated income and expenses.
D. Letter from host club stating they are prepared, and in a fiscal situation, to take on all financial responsibilities and liabilities of the proposed regional and will not hold the BMDCA financially liable for any loss or debts incurred. The letter should also include host club's financial commitment of a minimum of $1000.00 in seed money to the show committee.
E. Detailed report on host club's financial situation from it's treasurer. The report should include the final fiscal year treasurer's report for the 3 previous years.
F. The names of those who have committed to serve on the show committee. Also, the names of those who have committed to chair all committees, trophy, hospitality, banquet etc.
G. The judging panel selected for the proposed regional.
1. The person selected to judge the breed at a regional cannot be slated or can the accept an assignment to judge the breed at the BMDCA National Specialty for 2 years after the date of the proposed regional. This provision must appear in the signed contract between the host club and the judge.
2. No individual can be selected to judge at the proposed regional if they are slated to judge at the next scheduled BMDCA National Specialty or have judged at the last prior BMDCA National Specialty.

Submission of Proposal

1. Proposal should be submitted to the BMDCA Specialty Coordinator.
2. The coordinator will promptly review proposal and select one of the following:
A. Reject proposal if basic requirements have not been met. The proposal will be returned to the club seeking permission with letter explaining the rejection.
B. Return proposal to club seeking permission, that has met the basic requirements, with request for additional information and/or clarification on any item.
C. Forward proposal to BMDCA Board for their consideration. The Specialty Coordinator at his/her discretion may include a letter stating his/her opinion of the proposal. A copy of that letter should also be sent to club who submitted proposal.
3. BMDCA Board will vote on proposal and notify applicant club in writing of their decision. If the Board denies the proposal the letter should detail the Board's reason(s).

Procedures for Club Approved to Host Regional

1. Staging the Regional.
A. Those clubs approved to host a regional in conjunction with a combined specialty, or group show will adhere to the guidelines of these respective clubs.
B. Those clubs approved to host a Regional as an independent event will follow the BMDCA Specialty Guidelines.
2. Reporting.
A. Any club granted approval by the BMDCA to host a regional must submit reports to the BMDCA Specialty Coordinators.