Ways & Means


Fundraising committee, whose role is to provide cash flow for events or specialty committees with no off setting income, or to fund those who fall short of their projected income.



Immediately after notification that you will be hosting a specialty: Year One: (two years prior to your specialty) Year Two: (one year prior to your specialty) Three months prior to your specialty:


Specialty or Non-Specialty Items
 Mark up*
Cost of Item
Registration Fees
Speaker Fees & Expenses
Sponsorship i.e dog food companies/pet Stores
 Space Rental
Table & Chair Rental
Advertising & Brochures
Lunches/Coffee etc.
Garage Sales
  Sale of items
*Mark up of shirts should be at least $6. Determine mark ups on other items based on the cost of the item with a greater mark up for low cost items.


It is important to understand the financial aspect of ways and means. The Specialty Ways & Means committee has a responsibility to understand the financial ramifications of their committee. Any profit from items advertised and sold to benefit the National Specialty will be included on the Specialty financial statement. Many Host clubs will also sell ways and means items for the Host club profit. These items need to be kept separate. Please review the following excerpt from the Finance chapter. If you have any questions please refer them to the Specialty coordinators.

When preparing the Specialty's Income and Expense Statement ALL committees should be included in the profit/loss. This includes any Ways & Means goods* sold in the effort of Specialty fund raising as well as Raffle income. If there is any profit it will be divided evenly between the Host club and the BMDCA.

Ways & Means goods defined as: ALL items with Specialty Logo as well as any other items/services donated or procured and advertised to benefit the Specialty.

The BMDCA would like to see the host Ways & Means primarily earning money at the Prior National Specialty and then the actual event itself. It is not the intent to make the host club turn into a constant fund raising machine, raising all needed cash flow monies. The BMDCA now offers $5000 seed money to help with initial cash flow. Depending on the "extras" your host club plans will dictate how much extra fund raising is needed.

Vigorous fund raising is the key to providing the many "extras" which have come to be associated with National Specialties. These include hospitality, speakers, judges' gifts, etc. Think of yourselves as hosts inviting other Berner owners into your own home. The "extra" money you raise is what provides the little comforts which say "Welcome!"

As soon as your club is chosen to host the Specialty you should begin to gear up your fund raising capabilities. Plan to raise $3000 - $5000, but don't panic - you have two to three years to reach this goal. You may also solicit assistance form other regional clubs. Traditional items include t-shirts and pins with your own specialty logo; however your imagination is the only limit. In the past, raffles have been held for items such as an animal art portrait or other one-of-a-kind item. Limited edition items (plates, artist prints, pins) are also possibilities. Ask other regional clubs to raffle a special item of yours at one of their events and donate the proceeds to your specialty hospitality fund. Start with your local club and gradually expand to marketing your wares countrywide via The Alpenhorn, other regional clubs and even the Internet.

Fund raising is limited only by your imagination. Garage sales, dog washes, bake sales...there are any number of methods which are successfully used by other non-profit organizations which can be done by your club. In addition to such `traditional' methods of fund raising, more and more are turning to businesses, both local and national, to provide a helping hand. If approached properly and professionally, many companies are willing to provide products, services or even cash. Offering free advertising in the show catalog (look at how many people it reaches!), giving credit at the show (i.e, displaying the company's banner, acknowledging their support at the banquet) are additional incentives which can be provided. Bear in mind that most companies plan their budgets far in advance, so such requests should be made as early as possible.

Develop an excellent relationship with the treasurer for your specialty and develop a system (i.e. requisitions) for getting bills approved and paid and for depositing money.

Have one contact for mail orders and keep all items at that person's home or business to facilitate timely mailing.

Your club members will tire of buying items so, when planning events or selecting non-specialty items, be creative to come up with ideas with a more general appeal (garage sales, handling seminars).

In order to limit the amount of time and efforts expended try to get the Best "bang for your buck" with such fund raisers as garage sales, seminars and/or draft workshop.

Never leave home to attend a Berner event without something in your car to sell or raffle.

When getting ready to go to the specialty before yours, start looking for folks that will have room for a box or two of your goods who are driving. You will have alot of things to take and not ever enough room. You can, of course, UPS items to the hotel so they will be waiting for you once you get there. That of course can eat into some of your profits.

Hot Items to Sell:

Bad items to sell:

Insulated mugs with logo (or other mugs for that matter)most attendees want to get their mug at the Saturday nite mug dinner