To maintain a separate Specialty checking account in which all income and expenses are recorded. To help plan and monitor budgets, do financial reporting and reimburse members for approved cash disbursements.



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To be able to do justice to this position, the person who takes this job should have basic accounting skills. It is highly recommended with the volume of transactions that will occur that this person also have access to a computer with a basic spreadsheet software such as Excel or Lotus, and/or a basic accounting program such as Quicken.

The person taking this position must be prepared to handle these finances for 2 to 3 years. It is highly undesirable for a treasurer change in mid stride. The volume of transactions will increase as the specialty date grows near. During the actual specialty dates this person must be available at all times for a variety of necessary transactions.

This person will report directly to the Show Chairman. It will be imperative for the show chair and treasurer to work hand in hand when planning the budget and monitoring actual expenses. If the budget shows a loss then both will have to decide where changes should occur. If actual expenses get out of hand then, again, both will have to rectify the source of the problem.

Reimbursements and payment of bills should require proper documentation (receipts/invoices). For reimbursements to club members a standardize form is very helpful. (See attached) Reimbursements to committee members should be routine as long as the reimbursements were planned in the budget. Any unplanned expenditures need to be justified and go to the Show Chairman for final approval. Refer to the request for reimbursement form description and the Budget form descriptions. You should be able to see something that looks close to the same to help identify that the expenses were indeed budgeted.

The treasurer should request of all committee chairman their particular budget. At the same time the treasurer should also request copies of any contracts being signed including financial payments. Such things as judges' contracts, banquet contracts, site contracts and superintendent contracts should be kept on file. The treasurer will be making these payments when the time comes for monies due and should make sure payment matches contract requirements. It would be appropriate for the treasurer to review any contracts involving payment before they are signed to make sure no financial aspect has been over looked. It should be stressed to the committee chairman that anything requiring financial payment needs to be included on a budget.

To make it easy for the committee chairman to plan their budget it would be good to hand out a sample planning form. If everyone has the same basic format it will also help in consolidating the total planned budget. Keep it simple. Name of committee, date updated, list of income or expenses planned with enough verbiage you can understand what it is, then simply an income column and expense column totaled for profit or loss at the bottom. Refer to the sample form included.

It is recommended that all income for registration fees be sent directly to the treasurer. The treasurer will then disburse the appropriate information to the corresponding committee chairs. This would include such things as meal reservations, marked catalogs, health clinic reservations, photo contest etc. You will need this income for cash flow to pay your bills as the specialty progresses. It makes it much easier to insure all money is deposited in a timely fashion. Regular planned trips to the bank will help you make sure that no checks are misplaced and reduces the likelihood of insufficient funds checks. Purchase a for deposit only endorsement stamp to help with this process. Since you will have reservation deadlines or space limitations, each reservation should be date stamped as soon as you receive it. Then record the person/address/amount & check number for a minimum of information. This can be done on a spreadsheet. It is also helpful to record date deposited. Look at the attached sheet for an example.

Having email capabilities will help you in the communication process with other committee members.

During the show you will need 2 or 3 cash boxes - Ways & Means, Catalog Sales and the Raffle table. Plan for these in advance. Determine how much change each will need in their cash box. Then on a regular basis during the show, money and checks should be collected. If possible the funds should be deposited; if not, arrangements for a safety deposit box would be appropriate for the large sums you will be handling.

The treasurer should carefully review the Finance chapter of these guidelines. They clearly explain how any profit and losses will be distributed as well as reporting required to Specialty Coordinators. Any questions for clarification should be addressed to the Speciality Coordinators.

Please print the corresponding pdf file for this chapter to obtain copies of the following: