Specialty Reporter


To write and publish a daily newsletter during the Specialty which will inform exhibitors and spectators alike of Specialty happenings.




Copy Expense  
Paper Expense


It is best to try and limit the length of this newsletter. If too long it will go unread. Also the fact that copy and paper expenses continue to rise, it is wise to limit the length of your editions. Two pages front and back should usually be enough space to cover the day's announcements.

Traditionally each newsletter will have the day's schedule, yesterday's winners and placements and any pertinent facts pertaining to the show grounds and host hotel. Check with the major committee heads to see if there are any special announcements that need made. Be extra sure to check with your show chairman for special announcements. As many of the spectators use this source as a tool to help mark their catalogs it is extra important that it be thoroughly proofread.

In the early planning stages of this job it will be important to make sure you know how you will print and copy this publication. Check with your copy source to make sure they can run enough copies in the evening for you to have to hand out the next morning.

Have your copies at a convenient central location for everyone to obtain a copy. Your morning hospitality suite, ways and means table, or a breakfast area are good central distribution points. Be sure your show chair gets a copy, it will help the chairman keep abreast of all the happenings.

Keep each edition on file until well after the specialty. These reports will help future reporters as well as refresh memories about particular happenings if the need should arise.