Publicity & WebSite


Communicate and coordinate ALL advertising of the upcoming Specialty events to BMDCA members and interested spectators. All resources to be used for communication. i.e. Alpenhorn, Local papers, Internet, Website.




Long Distance Charges 


Newspaper Ads and Layout:

This committee is responsible for distribution of information about the Specialty to the local press, public, and BMDCA members. The internet has become a valuable tool to help distribute this information in addition to the more routine methods.

It is imperative that this position is filled by a person with good computer skills. This will be necessary for good ad layout as well as maintaining a website. It would be permissible to have co-chairs, one for the website administration and one for the newspaper and media presentations.

First and foremost should be your basic ads, letting the membership know when, where, hotel information, judges etc. Initially this is can be done by a basic flyer to be handed out at the specialty prior to yours.

The catalog at the specialty prior to yours should hold the outside back cover for an ad about the next year's specialty. There will be no charge for this ad. Traditionally this ad had the specialty logo, the dates, show site location and Show/Co Show Chairmen names, addresses and phone number. Keep it simple and with the basic information. Of course it is important to contact the prior year's catalog chairman to make sure you have the ad submitted by the required deadline.

The next step in your advertising campaign will be using the Alpenhorn with appropriate layout of information and ad timing. You need to check the advertising deadlines of these publications. You don't want to place an ad soliciting trophy donations and end up having it placed after your trophy donations are due.

Website Advertising.

Your website should be up and running almost immediately upon winning the bid for your specialty. It is important to plan a basic layout of all the information you will eventually want to include. You will not want users to become frustrated because they cannot "find" what they are looking for on your site. Begin with a basic outline of the types of information you will include. You will of course not have all the information ready for the public in the beginning, but you can set up your basic home page with the topics you think you will include and then link them in as you are ready. It is particularly helpful to include a listing of all chairmen and links to those that do have email addresses.

1997 was the first specialty with a website. It was amazing the number of members that used this as a medium to obtain information. Not only did members visit but many people in the general population visited the site. As this is many people's first contact with our club it is very important it be accurate and in good taste.

Local Press and Public Media

You should arrange for, secure and distribute information about the show to the local media. Local TV stations may cooperate and send a camera crew if told the best times to be present. The Chair is responsible for arranging that any press representative attending the show has immediate access to a knowledgeable, articulate informant who can give his undivided attention to this individual.

Radio stations may broadcast information throughout the days of the show telling where the show is located and whom to contact for details. Give the stations at least two weeks' notice for such announcements.


Wait until after the previous specialty is over before you start advertising. Remember, a show may not be advertised until approval is received from the AKC. This also applies to advertising the judging panel. However, the wording `pending AKC approval" may be used after application has been made and before official approval is received.

Remember to mark any published show schedules as "Tentative and Subject to Change without notice" This will cover any disgruntled show goers who made an incorrect assumption that the schedule was in stone.

"The Press and Your Dog Show", published by the Dog Writers Association of America is offered as a service to all dog clubs. Contact the AKC for a copy free of charge. It is a good source for procedures and ideas.

The BMDCA will pay for six full-page Alpenhorn ads. After that the host club must pick up the expense. Articles about the upcoming Specialty will be printed free of charge.