To procure a show photographer and videographer who will record the Specialty events. To coordinate and schedule places and times for easy photo shots and video taping.



Immediate - One you are awarded the specialty, begin to select and sign a contract with the Photographer and Videographer.

6 months prior - Reconfirm contract. Discuss details such as routine set up requirements etc.


Photographers Room  
Transportation to & from airport
Flowers/background scenery  
Other (Phone calls/postage while setting up contract)
Total Income less Total Expenses equals Net Profit or Loss.



It is important to hire a photographer as far in advance as possible. Most dog show photographers are reserved at least a year in advance, so if there is someone your club particularly likes, you should contact them a.s.a.p.

There are several points you will want included in your contract with the photographer. Most experienced photographers will have their own standard contract. Be sure that the following items are covered:

Coordinate with the photographer over where the photos will be taken. Do you need any special backgrounds or props? Will you need a podium for the dogs to stand on? You probably will need to make a sign with the show's logo, Coordinate with the grounds chair and reserve space for the photographer's table. Find out if they will need any locked storage for their equipment.

Be sure the photographer's name and address is included in the premium. Then exhibitors can call the photographer after the show, instead of you for any extra information they need about their photographs.

At least six months prior, check with the photographer. Confirm the dates. Find out what their routine will be when taking pictures. Will they need any special help and extra hands to organize people getting phots and "setting them up"? This can be very time consuming, so if you do need help, make sure you have plenty of people lined up to help.

Basically your judge has the final say on when photos will be taken. However, at a specialty no one wants to wait forever for the judge to finish all judging before pictures are taken. It is possible to look for natural breaks in the judging and actually schedule time for pictures. If you allow 2 minutes a dog for pictures you can work it right into your judging schedule. Remember at a specialty pictures are usually taken of all class placements as well as the winners. A copy of a possible judging schedule including pictures follows. It is not a bad idea to post by the photographer's table the tentative schedule for picture taking. Then exhibitors are more likely to be ready when the time comes.


Hire your videographer well in advance. Reconfirm the show dates he is needed several months in advance. Find out if there are any special needs. The same items as the photographer should be covered in the contract.

One item you may want to include in the video footage is a record of the judges' comments at the judges' dinner. If so, be sure to include it in your video contract.

The videographer will meet with the judge before showing to find out the judge's ring procedure as he will need to know where to set up the cameras. You will need to rope off these areas at ringside. Try to anticipate this and coordinate with the Grounds and Show Chairs.

Make sure the videographer is aware of the Alpenhorn's deadlines and advertising requirements, should they want to advertise the sale of the Specialty Video.

For the past several years the BMDCA has employed John Thorton of K-9 Video Vehicle productions, Littleton, CO to produce the video. The result has been an excellent video with economical tapes offered to the membership. This would be a good company to consider for your video taping.