Photo Contest


A fun event allowing BMDCA members to share pictures of their dogs. Allows many members not able to come to the Specialty to participate in a small way.




Photo Entries
Ribbons & Certificates for Winners
Materials to help display photos
Total Income less Total Expenses equals Net Profit or Loss


Below are the basic rules that have worked well in the past. These of course can be changed or modified to fit your specialty.

Categories: 1) Berner Puppies 2) Berners at Work 3) Humor 4) Portraits 5) Berners & Friends 6) Juniors (10 or under)

All photographs must be mounted on poster board or mat board. Do not send framed photographs. Photos may be any size, but total size, including mat, may not exceed 10x12. (This is key when running the photo contest. You don't want any bigger because that means you need more display room and you will already need a lot.) Do not put name, title, caption, or any identifying marks on the front of the photograph.

Photographs must be the original work of the entrant and must not have been exhibited prior to this show. The contest is open to amateur photographs only. (If you want to allow professionals have an exhibition only category.) Judging is based on the visual and technical quality of the photograph, its originality, and relationship to the category.

Please do not send non-replacable photographs. We are not responsible for loss or damaged photos. Entries may be picked up Sunday afternoon or include a self addressed stamped envelope with correct postage and your photos will be returned.

Fees: $10.00 first photograph $5.00 each additional entry. No limit to number of entries.

Make Checks payable to:_______ Postmarked by _______. Send entries to:_______

On the back of the photograph please write your name, address, phone number, Category and if a Junior please indicate age.

At this point I would suggest in the planning book a form than they can reproduce that contains this info that they can stick on the back of the photographs. That way you will be sure to get the information you want.

Besides keeping track of the entries, and getting them judged probably the biggest job is to display the photos in a manner which allows for optimal viewing.

Velcro is an excellent way to put the photos on whatever display board you choose to use. The display boards themselves can be quite expensive. However a method that has worked very well is heavy duty cardboard. The pictures can be velcroed onto the cardboard, Then the cardboard either set up on tables, or easels (you can rent these). It is even possible to use giant refrigerator boxes that will stand alone and use all four sides. The cardboard can always be covered with some type of paper to make a nicer background for the pictures.

The Jr. category has been a bit smaller but would be an excellent area to promote and get our youth involved.

Another important consideration is where you display your photos. You want it easily accessible and where a lot of traffic will go by. One solution that has worked well is having the photos and Bernergarde in the same room. It provides several purposes. If Bernergarde is busy and folks are waiting they have something nice to look at. If folks forget Bernergarde but come to look at pictures it may get them interested. As Bernergarde is up and running a good portion of each specialty day it keeps from needing an extra person to sit with the photo display. You also want to make sure the photos are secure after hours.