Parade of Veterans & Title Holders


A memorable event to recognize the achievements of our dogs. The parades offer dogs not entered or retired to strut their stuff at the specialty.




Income from Entry Fees
Postage/Phone Calls
Award Cost
Total Income less Total Expenses equals Net Profit or Loss


Obtaining permission from AKC to hold this event is very important. It is one of the first things you should do. This allows for unentered dogs to be on the show grounds.

The Parades of Veterans and Titleholders are not AKC events and thus may include BMDCA-titled dogs as well as AKC titled dogs. Titles which can be honored include conformation, obedience, tracking, draft, agility, and other titles the club may wish to acknowledge (i.e,therapy, herding, etc.).

Awards for the Parades should be planned in conjunction with the Trophy Chair. A special medallion or a rosette inscribed with the dog's name is customarily given to each entrant, however, items as diverse as Swiss bells, ceremonial drapes and crate tags have been enthusiastically received. The awards may be presented by the BMDCA President or any appropriate individual chosen by the host club. The Parades usually have a large entry, so several people should be assisting with organizing the entrants and handing out the awards. The announcer must make every effort to pronounce each dog's name correctly: if in doubt, ask the handler for the correct pronunciation. If possible, depending on the numbers, all dogs should remain in the ring for a final parade around the ring.

Since this is a class with many "token entries" there will be many absentees. It is important that every entrant receive his award. If the award is picked up by someone else the steward must mark the catalog accordingly and obtain the signature of the recipient on a separate form. Awards not picked up at the show should be mailed to the entrant as soon as possible after the show unless other arrangements have been made.

The Parades may be held any time the Best of Breed judge is not present. Try to select a time when attendance will be good and our titled Berners can receive the recognition they deserve. Specifically, do not schedule the Parades at the end of all judging.

The entry fee should be equal to the cost of the award being given. The entry fee for the Parade of Veterans may be waived at the discretion of the host club.