Junior Activities


To provide an educational and fun forum for the youth attending our show.




Advance sales for activities
Activity Cost (Pizza, cups, napkins, tickets for show etc)
Other (Small cost or donation of club to Jr Activities

Total Income less Total Expenses equals Net Profit or Loss


It is a big help to parents and fun for the kids to plan some type of pizza and movie night the same evening as the Annual Banquet. It shouldn't be hard to find a room at your site where this could take place, possibly even the same room you are using for hospitality. This even could be advertised in advance in the planning book. Money should be collected to cover actual costs. This SHOULD NOT be a fund raiser.

Make it clear to parents this is NOT a baby-sitting service. All children under a certain age (5 or 6) can attend if the have a corresponding baby-sitter. (Older teenager or adult). Ask in the planning book who would be willing to help chaperone. You will get alot of volunteers. If all the ground work has been laid for these events, volunteers can have a short meeting at the speciality to go over the activity.

Have name tags for all kids and a sign in/out sheet as parents bring and pick up their kids. Clearly post the time the children are to be picked up. 

When holding a JR. Showmanship seminar, be sure you are following and presenting all the correct AKC rules. If we have any new provisional judges in the club or in the local area, they may be perfect to help present such a program. If at all possible try to get someone to volunteer to help present this type of program. It shouldn't be necessary to have to charge for this, generally there should be a club member or local dog person that will help with this at no cost, or possibly a free meal at the banquet.

There is a lot of educational material available from the AKC that can help you put on such a program. Remember, these kids are the future of our breed. Presentations could range from general dog anatomy, showmanship and sportsmanship to how to read a show premium and fill out an entry form. Check out the AKC web site for ideas and material.

Other youth activities are only limited to your imagination. Some sites will be more adaptable to kids, but don't forget kids are very adaptable.

It would be nice if in the early days of your specialty you could hold somekind of small get together for the kids so they can all meet each other and find out who else is there. None of these activities need to be long and drawn out, it is not necessary to provide the kids something for every minute of their day.

Below is a list of ideas/activities that might give you some ideas:

It is possible that your hotel site would be able to help with transportation to and from a local establishment.

This is a good committee to get any older JR. members involved. They can help plan and host these events and get a taste of committee planning.

The basics are to remember to keep it fun, uncomplicated and simple with small costs. Parents of the kids and the kids alike will appreciate your efforts on including them.