Judges' Hospitality


Oversee all arrangements for the judges' panel. To make sure the judges' time spent at the specialty is organized and stress free.




Phone calls
Judges gifts
Judges Hotel, Travel, Meals and Fees  
Total Income less Total Expenses equals Net Profit or Loss


The person in charge of Judges' Hospitality must not be exhibiting a dog during the specialty. This is an ideal position for someone relatively new to dogs who is personable and reliable. The Judges' Hospitality Chair will be responsible for caring for all of the judges' needs throughout the show, so the tasks will be many and varied.

After the judges are selected and you have received a signed copy of the judges' contracts from the judges' selection committee, write a letter of introduction to the judges, inform them that you will be arranging for their hotel and ask if they have any preferences such as number of beds, meal preferences, etc. When the time of the show gets closer you need to contact the judges and ask for their travel agenda to plan for airport pickup. Also give the judge a list of emergency contact numbers at the show for them to leave at home. Contact the judges, preferably by phone, one more time shortly before the show to reconfirm travel plans.

Some additional things to send judges they may find useful: A fact sheet on the usual weather conditions anticipated, special conditions (i.e. high altitude), unusually dry or wet weather and whether or not the show is inside or outside so the judge can dress appropriately. Include travel directions for the judges who are driving to the show, as well as, a list of local attractions and a map of the area.

Keep track of your phone calls and mileage so you can submit them for reimbursement.

Visit the hotel you plan to use for the judges' or arrange for someone to visit it for you, before making reservations. A hotel with airport transportation will make your job that much easier, just don't forget to give the hotel an agenda of when they need to pick up judges.

Some things you should provide with the judges' basket are a welcome letter from the show chairman and a printed envelope for keeping track of their expenses.

Suggestions for the judges baskets are wine, cheese, fruit, chocolates, samples of toiletries such as bubble bath, suntan lotion, chapstick, aspirin etc. Also include a welcome letter from the show chairman and a copy of the ring schedule for that judge. Make sure to include enough items in the basket to include the judge's spouse if they are travelling together.

Judges' gifts can be one of the trophies or a small personalized gift such as a business card holder or a travel alarm clock, use your imagination! Arrange for the show chairman to present the judges' gifts after the judges' assignment or at the judges' dinner if that judge will be present.

BMDCA policy is to exclude judges from club functions occurring before their judging assignments have been completed. Thereafter they are welcome and invited to participate. Some judges will want to be involved in as much of the Specialty as possible, and others will not. Obtain each judge's preference and then treat each as an honored guest throughout their stay.

The Judge's Hospitality Chair or a committee member should be aware of their needs at all times.

For ease of budgeting all expenses for judges are planned in this committee's budget. This includes all hotel, airline and judging fees. This committee is not expected to make money. Judges' fees and travel expenses should be considered when the Show Chairman is determining entry fees.