To welcome all guests and make sure that all their needs are met. To provide an atmosphere of congenial hospitality.




Hospitality rooms  
Food and beverages (for hospitality room)
Welcome reception
Hospitality packets  
Name Tags
Meals for workers and meetings
Ring refreshments


When arranging for your hospitality rooms at the hotel remember that it is industry standard for a hotel to offer a free room for every 50-100 rooms that are booked at the event. These rooms can be used for hospitality, meetings, judges (conformation judges may only stay at the host hotel after their judging assignment is done), visiting dignitaries etc. Make sure you view the rooms to be used before deciding on what they will be used for. The hospitality room should be in a convenient location for as many guests as possible. The hospitality room is used to offer a place for guests to have a cup of coffee and a muffin in the morning and some snacks and soft drinks following the day's judging. There should also be a first aid kit available in the hospitality room. Some additional ideas for your hospitality room would be videos of past specialties, regional information and maps, extra show schedules, the daily newsletter. Quite frequently a list of available dinner tickets is kept at the hospitality room too.

The welcome reception usually consists of drinks (a cash bar) and appetizers. It is usually done with some kind of theme relative to that year's specialty. The welcome reception is a great way for people to meet up and talk with friends they haven't seen for awhile so it is not necessary to plan any activities at the reception other than perhaps some musical entertainment. The welcome reception is a great place to hand out your hospitality packets and name tags.

Hospitality packets are a good way to get lots of information out to your guests. Some things you might include would be a show schedule, directions to the off-site events, local information and brochures etc. Often times you can get free samples of dog food and other items from major companies. The bags themselves can be the canvas ones if your budget can afford them. Bags in the past that have been used are from "Purina"; you can also use plastic bags from a local company.

The meals for meeting groups are paid for by the individual group even though it is up to hospitality to arrange for them. The worker's lunches include judges, stewards and sometimes the show committee. You can also include the videographer and the show photographer and the AKC rep if one is attending. Try not to make the judge's lunches too heavy or fancy-they usually don't want a heavy meal and then go on with the judging. Also remember that the conformation judges must not eat with someone they are going to be judging, including the hospitality chair.

Ring supplies should include paper towels and/or handi wipes, pencils, pens, paper, some minor first aid supplies, some hard candies, sunscreen and kleenex. If it is an outdoor show an item not always thought of are rocks or paper weights. Small rocks are great for holding down papers on a windy day. The ring refreshments should be coffee in the morning and soft drinks and water or juice the rest of the day. Do not give the obedience ring stewards and judges any food to eat at the ring, too distracting for the dogs competing.

Ring decorations can be as much or little as you want to do. The BMDCA has a traveling set of shields that represent the different cantons of Switzerland and class place markers and markers for Best of Breed and Best of Opposite Sex and Best of Winners. These are in the shape of a bernese. Many clubs have used flowers (traditionally geraniums) for decoration. Try not to use anything that will blow over or flap a lot in the wind if your rings are outside. Coordinate with the Trophy chair on the decorations they want to use for their trophy table so they match. You will also want to decorate your hospitality room.

As soon as the show committee knows of a foreign guest planning to attend the specialty you should contact that guest and ask them if you can be of any service. There will be some language barriers and they will need help and explanations. A member of the hospitality committee should be assigned to each foreign guest to see that their needs are met. Don't forget to provide the Show Chair with a list of names of foreign visitors so they can be introduced at the Annual Meeting banquet.