To prepare the show grounds and oversee all activity on the grounds, including, parking, RV Space, Ring setups, poop scooping, etc.




Ring equipment
Poop scooping supplies
Trash collection  
 Security personnel
Portable restrooms
Public address system
Walkie talkies
Water, Ice and wading pools
Hoses nozzles and shampoo
Rental of tents chairs tables etc.
Total Income less Total Expenses equals Net Profit or Loss.

This is one of those committees that does not have an income and should be offset by entries and Ways and Means. A lot of the supplies you need for cleanup you can get donated (i.e. the poop bags and ice may be donated by a local grocery store in exchange for a free ad in the catalog). The cost of equipment for other committees should be offset by their budgets.


It is strongly recommended that this be a committee of people and not one person deep. This is a huge job and needs more than one person involved. Have members of the committee in charge of certain jobs, i.e. parking, poop detail, etc. When the time comes to set up the tables and chairs have all available members of the show committee present to help.

Coordinate with all committees to see what their grounds needs are-i.e. tables, chairs, tents, etc. It is much easier for all rental equipment to be arranged for by one person than to have it done by several different people and committees. Don't forget items such as projectors and TV/VCRs for speakers and seminars. Many hotels have these items for rent but are usually more expensive than an outside source.

When arranging for exercise areas at the hotel don't forget the overflow hotels and have poop-scooping supplies set up at these facilities too. If you have a poop pledge for people to sign upon check in you might want to provide that for the overflow hotels also. If you have a small exercise area it might be a good idea to hose this area down periodically to get rid of that lovely urine odor! If you decide to hire an outside source to scoop consider local breed and all breed clubs, boy scout troops, etc.-just make sure you have one person in charge of this detail to prevent confusion.

Ring equipment is sometimes very difficult to find if your superintendent does not provide it. We suggest contacting local all breed and obedience clubs to see if they have equipment you can rent or borrow.

RV parking can sometimes be quite a headache-that's why it is nice to have one person in charge of parking if possible. Many hotels and facilities do not allow people to stay in RVs on the property. If this is the case find a local campground where the RV people can set up. If the hotel does allow RVs make sure you find out if they have electrical and sewage hookups, what their rules are about running electricity out of a room (some hotels will charge a fee if RVs are running electricity from a room). If there are RVs allowed but no hookups, make sure that is stated in the planning booklet and the premium list clearly. Also make sure there is a price stated in the premium for RVs and a contact point for reservations.

The AKC requires that you have handicap parking and grooming areas available. Refer to the AKC show/Trial manual for info on this.

Trash receptacles, or the lack thereof, can truly effect the look of a show! Make sure they are plentiful and emptied regularly. Many shows have plenty on hand but don't empty them all weekend and they are overflowing after a few days. If necessary arrange for a dumpster for the weekend just for the show that way you have somewhere to dump your trash. Many waste disposal companies will set up a small dumpster for special occasions for a weekend and then take it away when the show is over. Also contact these companies for disposable trash containers (usually made from cardboard) that they provide for free or a nominal fee. Don't forget to have poop scooping supplies and trash receptacles set out early in the week for your early arrivals.

When setting up the public address system try to keep it so it is not blaring into the rings and disturbing the dogs. Sometimes it is nice to have a whiteboard or large easel for writing the class placements instead of announcing each one.

In areas where the show is outside and the potential of dogs to overheat is present, it is a very good idea to have wading pools stocked with ice and water to cool an overheated dog quickly.

The dog washing area has become very important in recent years with the availability of hotels for dog shows dwindling. We want to make sure that we keep people from grooming their dogs in their rooms. Having a dog washing area will prevent much of this. This is really very simple-just a few hoses with nozzles. Most people will bring their own shampoo but if you can get a company to donate some it can't hurt. People also usually set their own tables to wash on or just wash them on the ground. Do check the water pressure in advance to see how multiple hoses set up can affect this and maybe cut down on the number of hoses. Warm water is nice but sometimes not feasible.

Signage for exercise areas and no dogs allowed can vary greatly from site to site; some hotels are very strict about where they do and do not want dogs and others are more lax. Just be sure that the signage you do have is clear and easy to understand. Many show superintendents will provide you with a sign kit to use.

Crating areas for people not staying at the host hotel and grooming areas are very important. Again we are trying to prevent people from grooming in their rooms and providing a grooming area with electricity is very important. If your show site is separate form the host hotel you will need more crating space than if it is at the host hotel where people can leave their dogs crated in their rooms.