Chief Ring Steward


To assist the judges in the performance of their duties by providing excellent ring management.




Phone calls
Fees (if using a professional organization) 


The host club should appoint a chief steward whose responsibility will be to invite a sufficient number of experienced persons to serve as stewards for all events on the day(s) of the show.

No person may serve as a steward with a judge under whom he has an entry or under whom, in the course of a day's judging, he may become eligible to compete.

Good stewards make the work of the judge easier by relieving the judge of details and by assembling classes promptly and numerically. The steward is in the ring to assist the judge, not to advise. Stewards organizations exist which may charge for their services and provide well qualified stewards.

The AKC has a rule book for stewards, which should be made available to all stewards prior to the show. The show chairman should also have a copy.

Every steward should receive free admission and lunch. Lunch arrangements should be efficient since stewards must return to the ring before the judges and at least five minutes before judging resumes. The host club may wish to provide a gift to each steward.

Each ring should have a kit for the stewards use including the following items: beverages, aspirin, Paper towels, handi wipes, cough drops, insect repellent and bee sting medication (if outdoors), band aids, disinfectant spray, first aid spray, ammonia inhalants, alcohol wipes, pencils and pens, notepaper, paper clips, safety pins. Chewing gum and candy may also be provided for the conformation ring but not the obedience ring.

It is reasonable to expect to pay for lodging for a steward that is working at more than one day's events.