To plan and organize the General Meeting and Awards Banquet (Saturday night) and the Judges Banquet (Sunday night) for the Specialty Attendees. To plan and organize any additional banquets as scheduled by the Specialty Committee.




One for each banquet night:
Ticket Sales (number of people times the ticket price)
Meal Expense (number of people times the meal price)
Table Favors (cost plus setup plus shipping)
Open Bar Fees (bartender plus bar setup)  
Entertainment (reception piano player, etc.)
Administration (phone calls, ticket printing, postage, etc.)
Income and expense columns should balance. The goal of the banquet is to break even.


Selection of the proper banquet facility will either simplify or complicate your job. Try to select a site which will be as flexible as possible to changes in the menu count and number of attendees. Remember that you may get requests for changes up to the time of the banquet.

Select a menu which will satisfy the largest number of people. A good rule of thumb is to have a choice of beef, chicken, and fish or vegetarian dishes.

Make sure the contract with the banquet facility covers at least the following items: banquet date, menu selection and price, table setup, availability of meeting equipment, any additional charges, and banquet schedule. Make sure that there is an assigned banquet facility coordinator for your account.

Try to have your table favors defined and a vendor selected in advance of the order. You will not have much time after receiving the final attendance count to place the orders.

Try having the table favors delivered directly to the banquet site.

Limit table favors to around $5.00 to $6.00 to keep the price of the banquet to a minimum. The price of the ticket will be approximately the price of the meal plus $6.00.

Make sure that the price of the meal from the banquet site includes all taxes and gratuities.

Print extra tickets to take to the specialty, just in case you have last minute changes. But try to limit changes to (1) exchanges of tickets (2) changes to meal type, only if the banquet site can handle last minute meal counts.

Refunds for those who do not show up to the specialty is a choice of the specialty committee. Make sure if you decide to honor refunds that you have a policy prior to the show.

In the limited case where you cannot find a banquet site large enough to handle the estimated number of attendees, please make sure it is clear how you are going to limit the tickets (first come, first served, etc.).

There may be the need for extra coffee mugs for other awards. Make sure to check with the specialty committee before making the final order.

Make sure there are extra chairs setup for those who want to attend the post meal meeting (judges or general meeting), but do not want to attend the meal.