To disperse information to exhibitors and spectators regarding the progress of the event.




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As the length of our specialties grow, so does the length of time an announcer is needed. The announcer needs to be aware of the timing of all events occurring so good announcing coverage is maintained.

An announcer needs to be ready to work with the show chair and ready for any extra announcements as they become necessary.

Announcements should be well timed and should not take away from the show in progress. For example, you would not want to do announcements during the down stay of novice A obedience. We don't want announcements to detract or interfere with the show.

An announcer can actually help with the smooth progress of the show. For instance, reminding exhibitors of the next upcoming class, and who should be in the ready ring, announcing lunch breaks and when judging resumes.

An announcer at a specialty can provide valuable information to spectators, such as announcing placements, numbers and names (if time permits). Many announcers will help ring side with a whiteboard of absentees coordinating with the ring stewards. Many specialty goers like to mark their catalogs with this type of information.

Keeping pertinent announcements written on a white board so folks that missed the announcement can read it ( i.e. change in schedule, or times).

This position must also carefully select the PA system. Don't settle for equipment because it is free. You need to make sure that it works and will provide the coverage you need. There is nothing more frustrating than having a PA system that doesn't provide the coverage you need. These are big shows and you want to get the information out there and you want it heard.

It is imperative that you understand how to use the equipment. Make sure all announcers have been briefed on how to turn it on and off. Know where the system's power is coming from. You don't want somebody unplugging you to turn on a dog dryer.