Committee Guidelines

Show Chairman and the Initial Setup

The appointed Show Chairman should solicit volunteers for individual committees, then appoint or select a Chair Protem for each committee. (The easiest way is to have the first person that signed up for the committee to act as Chair Protem.) The Chair Protem should be provided with a copy of that particular committee guidelines.

Chair Protem Responsibilities

The Chair Protem should set up an initial committee meeting of all volunteers for the committee. The first order of business should be to briefly share the Committee Guidelines. The second order of business should be to elect a permanent Committee Chairman.

Committee Chairman Responsibilities

It should be understood by each committee chairman and committee member that the show chairman is the final decision maker. Each committee within its normal responsibility range may choose to request that the show committee vote on any decision they want more input on. However, if there is a show committee vote the committee must abide by that decision. The committee is not obligated to ask for a show committee vote on any of their normal responsibilities unless the show chairman requests it. As a courtesy any vote the committee is going to request of the show committee should be shared with the show chairman in advance so it may be put on the show committee agenda.


Specialty Coordinators - Person(s) appointed by the National Club to whom the show chairman reports all activity.

Show Chairman - Person who is responsible for running of an AKC show, seeing that all AKC rules and regulations are met, submitting all AKC reports, the final decision maker for all show decisions.

Show Committee - Is made up of the show chairman, committee chairmen, and committee members.

Chair Protem - Temporary chairman of individual committee until a permanent chair is voted on.

Committee Chairman - Person who is responsible for individual committee duties.