Judge Selection and Contract


To make sure that judges are secured and contracted for all events in a timely manner. That the judges slate is prepared and given to the Show Chairman for AKC submission.


Judge's Selection Judge's Contracts Other


Judge's Selection Judge's Contracts

Requirements for Judge Selection:

Sweepstakes (Need not be AKC licensed) and Conformation After conferring with the Show Chairman, all information on potential judges as determined by the show committee should be submitted to the Alpenhorn for a vote by the BMDCA membership. The mailing label on the back of the ballot in the Bulletin verifies the membership status and eligibility to vote. Ballots without the identifying label will not be counted. The secretary for the BMDCA collects and tabulates the ballots. Ballots must be postmarked no later than Feb 15th. The BMDCA Secretary is required to notify the Specialty Coordinators and corresponding show chairman of the results by the end of February.


Performance Events (Obedience, Agility, Tracking, Draft etc.)

Requirements for Judge Contracts:

Conformation and AKC Performance Events Sweepstakes Futurity

Futurity guidelines are dependent on the current written Futurity Rules and the following should be verified with the Futurity Chairman. All Futurity judge expenses will be initially paid for by the host club. At the end of the specialty the host club will be reimbursed by the BMDCA Treasurer for these expenses.

All airfare and hotel expenses are for the judges contracted, it does not include any traveling companions.

Judge's Contracts must include the following points:

(Refer to the following sample contract.)


Judges must be engaged for all events. Judges should be chosen carefully and should be familiar with our breed and capable of giving authoritative opinions after examination of dogs brought before them. All judges should be invited to attend and speak at the Judges' Dinner and asked to write a critique for publication in The Alpenhorn.

Usually the conformation judge will also judge Junior Showmanship. If this judge agrees to preside over Junior Showmanship, be certain to include this in the judge's contract. A foreign judge (including Canadian) may not judge Junior Showmanship. If you need a separate judge, often a local AKC-licensed judge will do so. This is an ideal assignment for a provisional judge if one is available locally. These judges will welcome the experience.

Because of the continuing increase in entries you may want to consider a separate judge for non-regular classes. ( Stud Dog, Brood Bitch, Brace, Team, etc.) A non regular judge must be AKC licensed for the breed. Again this can be an ideal assignment for a provisional judge.

Obedience judges must be told which classes they will be judging. Once these are listed in the premium if they overflow (more than 8 hours of judging) another judge must be hired. You will need at least two obedience judges. If you plan to offer Non-regular obedience classes (Grad Novice, Brace, Team etc.) you may not limit your obedience entries.

SAMPLE Judges Contract


Judge Selection Chairman

Judges name

Dear Judge,

We are pleased to confirm your judging assignment with the BMDCA. Please review the following contract. This contract is contingent upon AKC approval of our judging slate. If you are in agreement please sign and return one copy. If you have any questions please contact me at the above number.

Your contact after the contract signing with our club will be our Judges Hospitality Chair Miss Suzy Q. Please contact her at 000-000-0000 for any further questions.

Show: Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Americal National Specialty

Date: Month 20-22, 19XX

Location: Name
xyz S. Street
City, State 00000

Rings: Indoors/Outdoors

Assignment: List what classes expected to judge and if overflow how it will be handled.

Judging Restrictions: No judging of Bernese 6 months prior to the above show date.

Fee: Whatever fee the judge is asking for. So much per dog, so much per day, so much for the whole show.

Travel Expenses: This will be an economy airline ticket to and from where, or .xx per mile if driving. Also who will be making these arrangements the judge or the host.

Hotel Accommodations: This will included how many and which nights.

Meals: This should included what meals are covered and an invitation to speak at the judges banquet.

Reimbursements: How and when the judge will be reimbursed for expenses. The Judges Hospitality Chair should be the contact for this.

Written Comments: A written critique of your judging should be given to the Judges Hospitality Chair within two weeks following your assignment.

Mr/Mrs Whoever

Judge _____________________________________ Date______________

So and So

Judges Selection Chair _____________________________________ Date______________

So and So

Show Chairman _____________________________________ Date______________


Two signed copies should be sent to the judge, with an SASE for return of the contract to the Judge Selection Chair.
There should be a contract such as this for each judge at your Specialty.