A premium list is the contract between the exhibitor and show giving club. It tells the exhibitor who, what, when, where and how much. It is a culmination of your efforts to advertise and have a good sized entry at your show.

As always, any rules and guidelines put out by AKC should take precedence over any other suggested guidelines. The AKC governing rules can be found in the book "Rules Applying to Dog Shows" Chapter 6.

It is very important to coordinate closely with your superintendent as to premium deadlines. The host club will be responsible for making sure all information is accurate, spelled correctly and properly presented. With the very costly printing, publication & postage costs all deadlines should be met.

CAREFULLY PROOFREAD ALL MATERIAL any class or competition not listed in the Premium List cannot be held at the show. A copy of the final proof of your premium should be given to and reviewed with the BMDCA Specialty Coordinator. The more eyes that proof the less errors there will be.

Following are a variety of rules specific to the BMDCA. These rules have been approved and should be followed (i.e., Veteran age divisions, Awards of Merit, Futurity & Sweepstakes prize divisions etc.).

Premium List Sections

The following are tips regarding items to include in a premium. All items asterisked "*" MUST be included according to AKC. Any directions which come from AKC may be paraphrased. The source of direction will be from "Rules Applying to Dog Shows" Chapter 6. The appropriate section will be referenced at the end of each corresponding rule.

"BMDCA, Inc." should appear on the title page of the premium list. The phrase "Member of the American Kennel club" should appear directly below it.

* The awards or scores will be officially recorded by the AKC only if the following certification of the Secretary of the AKC is published somewhere in the first three pages of the premium. "Permission has been granted by the American Kennel Club for the holding of this event under the American Kennel club rules and regulations." XYZ Secretary. (Section 1)

* The premium list shall contain the following: (Section 2)

* A list of officers of the show-giving club, with the address of the secretary.
* A list of the members of the Show Committee (there must be at least 5) together with the designation of "Chairman" and the Chairman's address. (and "Obedience Trial Chairman" if an obedience trial is being held).
* Name of a Veterinarian, whether the vet will be in attendance or on call during show hours. (It is a good idea to have address and phone number also listed.)
* Names and addresses of all judges and their assignments.
* Name and address of the superintendent or show secretary who has been approved by the AKC.
* Statement clarifying whether the show is benched or unbenched.
* Exact location of show.
* Date/dates show is to be held.
* Times of opening and closing of the show.

* Prizes/trophies offered specifically listed. There is some leeway here. A show giving club my choose to use a "condensed" form of the premium list. (Section 2A, 8) A condensed premium does not have a complete listing of all breed prizes and trophies offered. It must included however, such prizes and trophies as are offered for Best in Show and group placements, as well as any schedule of class cash prizes that a club proposes to offer. If a condensed list is used you are obligated to prepare a list of all prizes and trophies offered and have it available to any exhibitor on request. There are a couple of advantages of using a condensed list. One, you save some printing cost on your premium. Two , it gives the Trophy Chair time to complete collecting money for the trophies before publicly recognizing their donation. The complete donated trophy list can then be printed in the catalog, which is published later.

The following is a good example of what you need to include in your entry fee section. It is important to try and cover all contingencies or combinations of entries (include items such as teams, junior showmanship etc.). This particular example fits our specialties well. An important note to make: A dog entered in sweeps or futurity must be entered in a regular class. (This is noted in the sweeps and futurity sections).

EXAMPLE of Entry Fees:

Awards of Merit: Up to 10% of the total BOB entry may be awarded an Award of Merit at the judge's discretion. These awards are reserved for those quality animals the judge feels are worthy of final consideration for Best of Breed.
Non-Regular (additional) Classes involving Single Dog Entries for both Dogs & Bitches
Veteran 7yrs & under 9 yrs
Veteran 9 yrs & under 11 yrs
Veteran 11 yrs and older
Non-Regular (additional) Classes involving Multiple Dog Entries

Stud Dog Class: For Stud Dogs and two of their Get. It is not necessary that the Get be under the same ownership as that of the Stud Dog. The Stud Dog may be entered separately ;in one of the regular classes, or if a Champion of Record in Best of Breed Competition, but MUST be entered in the Stud Dog Class, The Get MUST be entered in one of the regular classes. The Stud Dog shall be considered as one entry and requires one entry fee, this being the regular fee plus the additional class fee if the Stud Dog is entered in another class. The Stud Dog must be shown in the ring with the Get. The class will be judged on the merits of the Get.
Brood Bitch Class: Same as for the Stud Dog except substitute Brood Bitch for Stud Dog and Produce for Get.
Brace Class: Two dogs of the same Breed or Variety of Breed with identical ownership and both dogs must be entered in another class.
Team Class: A Class for four dogs of the same Breed or Variety of Breed with identical ownership and dogs must be entered in another class.

  • Obedience Trial. Regular classes offered, Novice A/B, Open A/B, Utility A/B, Utility Excellent.
  • Futurity Section - Please refer to chapter 9 of BMDCA Guidelines under performance section for division of prizes and classes.
  • Sweepstakes and Veterans Sweepstakes section Please refer to chapter 9 of BMDCA Guidelines under performance section for division of prizes and classes.
  • Attention Exhibitors; Special rules for this show. This is your club's opportunity to set the ground rules for your show. Each show site may have special circumstances requiring attention. Such items to consider: RV parking with permit only, designated crating and grooming areas, designated bathing areas, loading/unloading zones, designated exercise areas and poop maintenance, tenting regulations, use of x-pens etc. It is here you should inform your exhibitors of special rules. It is unfair not to say anything in the rules about no x-pens and have exhibitors haul them in and you to tell them to haul them out. If exhibitors are informed in the premium then there is no confusion as to the rules.
  • Superintendent rules and entry fee details/disclaimers. Along with "Attention Exhibitors", your superintendent should have clearly explained rules regarding money, international money orders, returned checks, changes to entries before closing, duplicate entries, AKC recording Fees, receipt of entries and the appropriate addresses. Anything that has to do with acceptance of the entries and money pertaining to them.
  • Booth Space / Catalog Advertising. Both of these can be advertised in your premium with the appropriate contacts and information listed. Please refer to the individual sections in your guidelines pertaining to these categories.
  • RV Parking/Permit. If permits are required, the rules and costs should be in your premium with any pertinent deadlines.
  • Routes to the Show/map. It is helpful for your exhibitors to have written directions to your show site after entering town, as well as a basic map.
  • Hotels/Motels. The host hotel and contact should be listed, as well as alternate hotels in the area. It is good to have listings with lower as well as upper per night charges. If the host hotel has any special rules about dogs it is good to list them. i.e. No dogs in Lobby, or Deposit per dog required.
  • Special advertising sections. Any event advertised involving dogs, that happens on show grounds during show hours must be approved by the AKC before being advertised in the Premium. i.e. CGC test, CERF Clinic, Parade of Title Holder, Training Seminar, Draft Test, etc. Events not involving dogs don't need special approval to be listed in the premium. i.e. banquets, educational lecturer, etc.
  • Entry Forms. Entry forms meeting AKC regulations should be included. A minimum of 2 blank forms should be included. If pages permit, three is even better.
  • Premiums within premiums. With AKC approval as special events, Draft and Tracking premiums may be included in the same printed schedule as the rest of the show announcement.