Site Selection and Site Contract


To secure a physical location where the Specialty will be held. To make sure that all required needs are listed in the Terms and Conditions of said contract.




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Total Income less Total Expenses equals Net Profit or Loss


The first requirement of this committee, regardless of who chairs the committee, is to understand that the Show Chairman is also on this committee. This committee will report directly to the Show Chair. Even though all committees report to the Show Chair, this committee should have a direct line and include the Show Chair in all meetings. It will be the Show Chair's discretion on how much he/she will directly participate.

It is also recommended that whoever chairs this committee seriously consider becoming the Hotel Liaison during the remainder of the show process. It is important to have continuity when working with your site's personnel.

The first order of business is to begin your search for a site to host your Specialty. The BMDCA realizes the difficulty of obtaining a location that is suitable for all the activities of a BMD specialty. It is most desirable to have the Specialty show grounds at the same location as your host hotel. Sometimes this is not possible. In those instances it is important to have your show site and host hotel within close proximity of each other. If it becomes necessary to have a hotel contract and a show location contract both of these contracts must go to the Specialty Coordinators and BMDCA President for final signature.

When you meet with managers of prospective motels/hotels, take a fully grown BMD with you so there is no misunderstanding as to what the hotel will be dealing with when 400 or more of these dogs are present. The hotel should be made completely aware of your needs at this time. Motels or resort-type hotels are recommended. Contact other dog clubs (all breed and specialty) in your area to locate hotels which have hosted other dog shows.

Following are two questionnaires that should be used in site selection process - the first being the Site Selection Questionnaire; the second the Site Inspection Report.

Site Selection Questionnaire

This should be used in your initial contact with potential sites. It can usually be filled out with a phone call as you first scope out sites that will allow dogs. Leave no stone unturned in this process. There are no stupid phone calls. Have various members on your committee do this initial leg work and report back. This will allow you to cover all possibilities in your geographical location.

When asking the questions on the Site Selection Questionnaire, be sure that you are speaking to the Director of Sales and Director of Conventions. You are potentially offering this organization a huge convention. No one else can give the information you need. Let the whole club/committee give the person calling the site ideas of sites and why they like them, but it should be only one person getting the details from each facility. It is very confusing to the hotels to have many people calling them about the same functions. The caller should put all the information they receive in writing on the Questionnaire. The information should then be presented to the chairperson.

After you have completed your survey of the available sites in your area and you have the Site Selection Questionnaires completed you are ready to go to the next phase of the selection process.

Site Inspection Report

As you go through the Site Questionnaires you will narrow down the number of sites and will be ready to begin on site inspections. Please be sure to refer to the On Site Inspection Report as you begin this process and make sure you get all of the questions answered as well as any others you need answered.

Make an appointment with the site to tour the facility. At this time it is important that the committee chair, show chair and one or two committee members plan on attending this tour together. Two (or three) heads are always better at remembering the pertinent information you need to know.

Before you meet with the Director of Sales (important to go to the top) spend about 1/2 hour just wandering around by yourself observing how the hotel runs. Walk down the halls and peek in the rooms, listen to the help, just observe. This will most likely give you a few questions to ask when you are given the formal tour.

After you have completed each tour of the proposed sites for the Specialty, it is important to write down in great detail what was said and what was promised. The hotel business is a very volatile industry and it is common to end up working with several Director of Sales and Convention Managers. You will need to be able to show the new person what has already been discussed. It will be helpful, after the decision is made on the site, to restate everything agreed upon (even before the contract) in a letter to the person in charge of your convention. This will make sure you heard the same thing they think they said.

It is also important to write a list of the good points and the bad points of each facility right after seeing it. Spend a few moments after each site inspection trying to visualize 500 dogs, 1000 people, booths, etc. all housed in that particular facility. It would be a good idea for each person attending the site inspection to take their own notes then compile them. Different people will pick up on different good and bad points.

Be sure when you are in with the Director of Sales that you ask ALL questions, no matter how trivial they may seem. Air any of your concerns regarding the hotel and how they will perform in regards to your Specialty. It is much better to get all this ironed out before signing any contract. Make sure that the committee is comfortable with all the DETAILS and the hotel's willingness to handle them. When working with a hotel, the amount of business our Specialty will bring them is a equivalent of a large convention. This is a business relationship. If you find it difficult to get information at this stage of the game, think again about having this group handle 500 dogs, 1000 guests and keeping everything running smoothly.

Once all the on site inspections are completed it is time for the committee to sit back and review the potential sites. A presentation should then be made to the show committee of 2-3 sites, and a vote should be taken to determine the ranking of the sites. The number one pick should then be presented to the Specialty Coordinators and the BMDCA Board.


This is certainly the next most important item after the site has been selected. The site selection committee needs to have a very firm vision of what they want their Specialty to be, and then paint that vision to the Director of Sales when they are negotiating the contract. The Director of Sales needs to be the person you negotiate with during the contract process; after that you will be working with a Convention Coordinator. That Convention Coordinator should also be included in your contract meetings. BE SURE that these people share your vision and are excited about making it a reality.

Remember that you are presenting the facility with a HUGE potential for profit and you are in a very good bargaining position. Everything is negotiable. It never hurts to request, just be very confident that you deserve it - don't ask, let them know you expect whatever it is you want. Be reasonable, but firm!

The price sheet they give you in the convention packet is only a beginning point. The room rate needs to be comfortable for both you and the hotel. You are going to request many of the special rooms be complimentary, so let them know what you want, and let them negotiate a price for you. If you use 100, 200 or 300 rooms you should include in the contract:

Be sure that you do not tie these complimentary rooms to any room count. They should be specified as complimentary on the contract and not related to the complimentary rooms below.

Your complimentary rooms relate to number of total rooms booked. Ideally, it should be 1 free for every 50 room nights, although this number varies greatly with each facility.

The hotel makes their money not on the room rates, but on the banquet facilities, the dining room and special events charges. Try and find a facility where you can comfortably use their banquet facilities for at least two or three nights. Also arrange for lunch time buffet style food in a separate area other than the café or dining room. The more you use the hotel's facilities the better you can do with negotiating. Two banquets (250-300 people) and lunch concessions during the show will give you a great bargaining advantage!!

Because you will have reservations coming in a full year ahead of your specialty, your contract should not require any deposits on any of the events. You may have to put down a banquet deposit, but not until approximately 60 days prior to the event.

Your contract will include:

Along with the contract it is a VERY good idea to include an addendum letter that lists all the other specific items you have discussed and included in your negotiations. Examples: Remember: Put everything in writing, sending a copy to the hotel for their files. At this point the contract must be sent to the Specialty Coordinators and the BMDCA President. The show chairman will sign the contract with the BMDCA president.

After the contract is signed, you will not have much contact with the hotel until you hit the year prior mark. At that time your reservations will start coming in. You can begin to makes plans and arrangements for all your special events. The menus for all the banquets should be taste tested and approved. Make sure you have all the necessary equipment for the show itself (tent, rings, etc.). The hotel will not begin to really get into everything until much closer to the event, but keep after them to get everything arranged.

Be sure that you have only 1 person that the hotel is dealing with. You can get into big trouble if more than one person is talking to the hotel. That person should try and establish a close relationship with the person in charge of the convention at the hotel. The more they know about what effect you are trying to create during the show, the more cooperation you will get from them. Don't keep secrets from them about plans, share everything - don't give them any surprises.

Details, Details, Details!!! Keep track of all those details and make sure that they are getting taken care of. Hotel Convention Managers are notorious for ignoring the small stuff, and that is what will make your Specialty special!!! Don't assume the details are getting taken care of, make sure they are getting done!!


Date: _____________________________

Submitted by: Phone __________________

Site: ___________________Phone __________________

Address: _____________________________

Site Contact:: Phone __________________


1. Do you allow dogs? ___Yes ___No

2. Would you host a dog show? ___Yes ___No

3. Have you ever hosted a dog show before? ___Yes ___No

If so can you tell me who so I may call them?

4. How many total guest rooms do you have in the hotel? How many of these rooms will you reserve for any convention that will be using banquet and meeting rooms during their stay? (Tuesday thru Monday) (You will want to start your negotiations with the maximum number of rooms available, within reason of course. This will give you a much better bargaining tool.) ___________________________________________________



5. Based on the above number of rooms used, what would your convention rate be for the time period of this show? Is there a deposit required upon check-in for those people with dogs and is it refundable upon check-out? _______________________________


6. Do you have a ballroom that will seat between 300-500 people for dinners? (Required Banquets are held on Sat. & Sun. evenings.)

7. Space Needed and are costs quoted guaranteed? (Setup to start Tuesday, take down Sun.):

Indoor Rings

We will require at least one room with a minimum of 10,000 sq.. feet. Obedience will require 2 rings 40x50 ft at one time (ring sizes for this cannot vary due to AKC requirements). Conformation will need a ring of approximately 50 x 100 ft. or 5000 sq. ft. The dimensions for this ring can vary as there are no AKC requirements as to the shape of the ring. The remaining square footage of the 10,000 sq. ft. will be used for spectators and aisle space.

Costs? ________________________________________________________________


Additional Space that may or may not be combined with rings and each other.

Approximately 3000-4000 sq.ft. for booth space. Cost________________

Grooming Space (20 to 30 dogs at once with electrical outlets)


Photo Contest (Minimum 12 x 14) Cost________________

Hospitality Check In (Used for welcome packets, meal ticket pick up)


Do you have an additional charge for extra electricity boxes in the Hospitality Room (coffee pots) and grooming room (dryers) ? Cost________________ If furniture needs to be moved out of any rooms what is the charge if any? Cost________________

Separate required space:

Hospitality Suite Cost________________

Judges Hospitality Room Cost________________

Minimum of 2 meeting rooms seating 10-20 people Cost________________

Bernergarde Computer Room (Minimum 12 x 12; need to lock this room)


8. If there are not big enough indoor facilities how about outdoor facilities? (If you have to get a tent from a local rental company, please be sure that they and your committee are completely familiar with the local fire rules regarding the use of the tent, and any and all costs pertaining to the tent.)

9. Would you have a large tent? ___Yes ___No

10. Is there a limit of the number of dogs in a room? ___Yes ___No

11. How many on site parking spaces are there for people staying at the site and for those that only come during the day for the show?

12. Is there space for RV's and Hookups? Cost_____ ___Yes ___No

13. Is there transportation for people, dogs & equipment to and from the airport?

Cost ___ ___Yes ___No

14. What other guest amenities does your hotel provide?

15. Can you provide a PA system? ___Yes ____No

tables and chairs? How many? Will you cover them for free of charge?

___Yes ____No

Do you charge for these, and if so how much?

Comments: Please write on additional paper.


Date: ________________________

Submitted by: Phone #: __________________

Site: Phone #: __________________

Address: ______________________________________________________

Site Contact: ______________________Phone #: ____________________

1. Get convention packet from hotel. Should include rate sheet for rooms, meeting space, banquet menus, room dimensions for meeting space, ball room, etc.

Make detailed notes on your overall impression, including:

2. Are guest rooms roomy & well ventilated?_____________________________________

3. Is there adequate parking?_____________________________________Is there plenty of RV parking?_________________________________________________________

4. Is there space for exercising dogs outside? Is there a place to set up an outdoor bathing area?__________________________________________________________

5. Are the hallways wide? We will need to be hauling crates in and out. _____________

6. Are there elevators? Located conveniently?___________________________________

7. Is the air conditioning working well?_________________________________________

8. Is the hotel clean and in good repair? Is this someplace you would like to take a nice vacation?_____________________________________________________________

9. Did you try any of the food, if so how was it? What type of cafe is maintained on the grounds? Are there fast food places nearby?__________________________________


10. Are there any areas of the hotel where the dogs are not allowed at any time?________


11. Are the meeting rooms convenient to the show areas? Same thing for the booth space.


12. Wherever the show rings are located, is there plenty of room for spectators, not only to sit but to move around and socialize?_______________________________________


13. Is there an outside dog washing area that will be convenient for all?__________________


14. Is there a good space to have the hospitality area and check-in desk? Is it convenient for the people arriving with their dogs? (Most hotels will not allow dogs in the lobby area.)_______________________________________________________________


15. What is the surrounding area like? Are there restaurants, stores, shopping conveniently located? Are there parks or open areas for the dogs to run and exercise in?


16. Does the hotel contact seem friendly & helpful?_______________ How long has the contact been at the hotel? _____________Will they still be there for you?______________

Be sure to visit every nook and cranny. Check out the public bathrooms. Visit a couple of the guest rooms. Visit the restaurant. Visit the pool and game room areas. Check out where the indoor rings would be, does the grooming room have enough outlets, where would the check in hospitality be? Walk around on the grounds outside; how is the parking area, exercise area, bathing area? Is the hotel's general appearance clean and elegant? Please take detailed notes.