Specialty Bid

So your club is thinking of hosting a Specialty? What an exciting time for your club. What better way can you promote Bernese Mountain Dogs and have so much fun all at once? It is truly an honor to be able to offer such a large gathering of Berners. For guests from across the nation as well as overseas, hosting a Specialty is an awesome responsibility. It takes careful consideration before you commit to such a large undertaking.

A bid for a Specialty is a three phase process. Each phase is meant to help your club lay a strong foundation for a memorable event. Before you begin any of this process please read through the following chapters to become familiar with the commitment of time and labor it will take to host a specialty.

A bid for a National Specialty should occur at least 3 years in advance of the current year's Specialty. All paperwork in Phase I should be in the hands of the Specialty Coordinators at least 3 months in advance of the current year's Specialty. This is so the Coordinators have time to get clarification and ask questions then get the Bid on that year's in-person board meeting agenda (i.e. The 2001 bid should happen in 1998).

Phase I

A. Regional Club votes to host a specialty.

B. Regional Club submits bid to BMDCA Specialty Coordinators, bid should include:

At the end of Phase I the host club will receive a letter from the BMDCA Board accepting or rejecting the bid. This letter should occur no later than one month after the in-person board meeting.

Phase II

This phase is an actual site proposal. The regional club as well as the proposed site should clearly understand that until the BMDCA approves the site NO contract will be signed. The site proposal should include at a minimum the following:
  Phase II Site Proposal should be presented to the Specialty Coordinators. After being reviewed for content, the Coordinators will then present the site to the Board for final approval. Approval should be given within 3 weeks of the written board meeting. This process should be completed prior to 2 years before the date of the proposed specialty.

Please refer to Site Selection for further details in selecting a site and what you should include in any contract negotiations. This portion of your Specialty planning can make or break the success of your show.

Please refer to Attachment 1 for further example of what to include in a site proposal.

Phase III

The final phase of the process is simply a signed contract with the site. The BMDCA president should sign the final site contract in conjunction with the Show Chairman. A copy of the contract should be sent to the specialty coordinators for review. The contract will then be handed to the president for final sign off.

This may seem to be a lengthy process but it is necessary. A contract is a legal, binding agreement. The BMDCA is incorporated, therefore it is appropriate that the President signs any contract that is made in the name of the club.

This total process should realistically be completed within nine months of your original bid to host the specialty. Site selection and contracts must be completed well in advance of the specialty date to insure availability.

Please refer to the Site & Contract chapter for more complete details. 

Attachment 1
October 27, 1994
Regional Club:
Bernese Mountain Dog Club of the Rockies 
Proposed Site: 
Estes Park Center - YMCA of the Rockies 
Proposed Dates:
May 15 - 18, 1997 (Thursday - Sunday) 
Show Chairperson:
Val Shingledecker (719) 481-8179 
Assistant Chair:
Cindy Still (719) 590-1358 
Committee Chairs: 
*Chair Protems 
Grounds John Andrews*
Trophy  Sara Karl
Hospitality Shelia Jenson*
Judge's Hospitality MaryAnn Andrews*
Hotel Liason Pending
Obedience Ray Valentine*
Agility Lucy Vondracek
Catalog Mary Rogers
Photo Contest Nancy Fusilier*
Raffle Pending
Banquets David Still
Concessions Karen Baru*
Draft Lucy Vondracek
Tracking Martha Rosner*
Superintendent Jack Onofrio Dog Shows
Show Scretary for Non AKC Events Mary Ann Andrews
Brief Description of Grounds See Video and Attached Information
Cost of Show Grounds $0.00
 Distance Between Show Grounds/Hotel/Banquet Facilities:
All on Site, All within approximately a 250 yard diameter. There is parking by all building facilities.
  • Normal weather during show month:  See attached weather chart.
  • Inclement weather facilities: 22,220 sq.ft. Longhouse
  • Airport facilities (& distance from show site): Denver Airport, a major hub that is 70 miles   from the show site, approximately 1 1/2 hour   drive.

  • Approximate Distance from Denver:
  • Camping/RV Facilities: RV’s are allowed, but no hookups at site.     There are several RV facilities in and around   Estes Park.
  • Motel Cost per Person: See attached rate chart. Charts are through   1996, 1997 will be 3-5% more.
  • Deposit per Dog: $0.00
  • Banquet cost per person: $25-30
  • Judge’s Dinner Cost per person: $25-30
  • Special problems or considerations: See attached.

    Chairman Assistant Chairman
    Val Shingledecker Cindy Still
    265 Saddlehorn Trail 1045 Popes Valley Drive
    Monumnet, CO  80132 Colorado Springs, CO  80919
    (719) 481-8179 (719) 590-1358
    Email:  cindy@array.com


    • Distance to the airport:

    We want to assure the Board that we will provide transportation from the airport to the site to all who need it.  We have looked into a limo service ($48 per person), charter greyhound ($30 per person), and our transportation committee continues to look at  alternatives. This site is no further from Denver than the Colorado Springs site was in 1992.
    • Reservations/Registrations:

    This site does not make their own reservations, this would be our responsibility.  The YMCA does not accept credit cards.  We are looking into the possibility of using a professional service to do this for us, however, expense may be a determining factor.  Our committee is willing to take reservations.  This activity would be led by our finance committee.
    • Non Smoking & Non Alcoholic:

    This facility is non smoking in its entirety.  To some this is a great plus.  To a few this will be an inconvenience.  Patrons may smoke outside only.  Great care must be taken to keep butts contained and extinguished.

    There is also no alcohol served here.  We can have a private cocktail party if we provide the alcohol, but the Y will not perform this function.  Or we could even put bottles of wine on our banquet dinner tables.  This also could be look upon as a plus, as alcohol consumed at front range altitudes will quickly effect your well being.  Also dehydration occurs faster in our dry climate.

    • No Room Service:

    There are two restaurants, but there will be no service to the rooms.

    This site is geared for non profit Christian organization retreats.  They are used to handling and feeding very large groups.  However, the needs of the BMDCA will be substantially different from what they have offered in the past.  We feel that we have received a wonderful reception by the Group Sales Director.  Our initial contact has left us feeling that any problems we have will be mutually solved to our satisfaction.