All ongoing specialty web sites. There will be 3 specialties ongoing at any one time. Only the current specialty web site information will be available to the general public. The two specialties following would be in progress and available only to the specific show committees working on them via a password.
A calendar with all currently approved regional and supported events, with contact numbers, emails, superintendents, dates etc. This info will be updated as each one is approved.
Approved Specialty Guidelines on this web site. Insure all previous recipients of the document are given all new updated and approved versions. This electronic version offers the opportunity for all BMDCA members to view the most updated and approved guidelines.
Template for Future Specialty Web sites.
This template will do several things. a) Make sure that the most common information is included in each specialty web site. b) Allow each new specialty quickly be able to provide the basic information c) Allow future specialties a consistent web site.
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A taskforce has been formed by the BMDCA board to come up with a recommendation regarding the rotation, Alpha Dog and assignment of our specialties. We have formed a questionnaire to solicit your opinions regarding this matter. See the results!!!

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